Telecom and network Consulting Agency

In 2007, after having worked in the Telecom and network industry for twenty years, Frédéric Royer decided to create his own services and Telecom consulting agency.

While it started in Paris, the company now expands towards the United-Kingdom
Frédéric Royer Consulting is a service company that specializes in telecom and networks : setting up, equipment sales, solution maintenance, consulting and audit.

Our job consists in offering businesses the IT solution that best fits their activity and their budget.

We are committed to developing long-lasting relationships with our customers, by becoming their trusted partners.

What we achieve is to constantly prioritize our customers’ return on investment and their time-savings : today more than ever, « time is money ».


Our consultants manage to offer practical solutions to tend to specific technology related needs. Every client has their specific needs , and we rely on our wide panel of basic skills in order to provide them with efficient and targeted support solutions. Understanding your needs is what allows us to help you reach your goals within your budget and time restraints.

Supply, delivery and installing of telecom system

Phone and digital terminals

Maintenance, repair services, remote maintenance et remote assistance
On-site support.

RJ 45 phone wiring.

Transfer of installation,
Terminal uninstalling and reinstalling,
Line transfer and completion of operating formalities.

Analysis and audit of existing equipment,
Methodological and thematic needs analysis
Technical elaboration of solutions,
Studies and financial planning.

Drafting of specifications and procurement policies,
Assistance in business circles consultation and calls for competition,
Methodological comparative analysis of the offers,
Assistance in negotiating and choosing business partners.

Guidance, user training and assistance.

Operator contract, maintenance contract…,
Cost management and cost reduction,
Removal of redundant resources,
Management of uses,
Cost optimization (bills, orders, dispute and incident management)

Turnkey offer for French companies wishing to expand to the United Kingdom and the other way around
Assistance in contract and market procurement,
Follow up of equipment roll out and implementation
Assistance in installation verification and reception processes.

Setting up of tailored IT solutions,
Setting up of computer terminals,

Client station (PC, laptops)
IT room (server, inverter, switch, computer stations).

IT stock maintenance,
Availability and updates,
Security and back up,
Remote and on-site maintenance

Audit and RJ 45 cabling and wiring

Installation transfer
Uninstalling and reinstalling of computer terminals,

Technical context and IT environment,
Strengths and weaknesses of the operating IT system
Operational and organizational strengths and weaknesses,
Determining improvement areas according to the best practices in trade

Team training

Expenses and purchase maximisation
Production costs and process optimisation,
Value of the procured services to optimise the service offer and the uses guidelines

Turnkey offer for French companies wishing to expand to the United Kingdom and the other way around
Abroad development of IT projects,
Validation and setting up of IT solutions.


What we do :

Our 3-Steps Process


Telecommunication audit

Our consultants provide you with a clear
overview of your Telecom environment

Telecommunication audit

Exhaustive analysis of your needs and requests :
We make sure that you get an objective answer
in case of migration or renewal of solutions.



Audit Télécommunication

FRC supports you every step of the way, through the development,
roll out and follow-up stages in order to optimise your features, services and current rates.

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